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  • Five Vampy Lip Shades to Dominate Your Fall Look

    Want to vamp up your style this season? It’s time to pucker up and get your lips smacking with dark lipstick shades! Bright reds, purple, and wine color shades are trending, so there’s no greater time than now to do a little lipstick shopping.

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  • Celebrity Style: Get Sarah Jessica Parker’s Casual Look for Under $100

    I want a show of hands (virtually, of course) of who watches re-runs of Sex and The City? Of course, I do! I hope I’m not outnumbered, as Cosmo TV airs back to back episodes every week as part of their Throwback Thursday’s programming.

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  • 5 Fall Fashion Tips for a Very Chic Season

    Fall is arguably the best season for fashion. The trends are always on point; super chic and to die for. However, not all wardrobes are created equally and sometimes, we all need some secret style tips hidden up our sleeves.

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